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Find Ceramic Pots online in India

It doesn’t take much to spruce up the corners of your home, once you know what to add. Nowadays, there are so many charming decorative options available online that can make any space feel lively without overwhelming the senses, and one of them is Ceramic Pots.

Over the last few years, creative and unique ceramic pots have become really popular with potters across the globe, sharing online the process involved and techniques used to create a masterpiece. Plus, you can easily purchase them online and heighten your home’s aesthetic!

If you aren’t familiar with them yet, check our list of some of the best sites where you can find good quality, exquisite ceramic pots online in India.

Gaia Pottery

Gaia is a one-stop shop for an aesthetic range of ceramic pots for your living room and garden. Drawing inspiration from the works of artisans in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc, their contemporary style pots are a must-have for the elegant touch to your space.

Songs of Summer

Located in Bangalore, this garden store and pottery studio offers online fun and quirky range of ceramic garden pots that will immediately grab anybody’s attention. All are handcrafted with fine, intricate details through experimentation of techniques.

Aura Pottery

In the ‘city beautiful’ Chandigarh is where you will find Aura- a small pottery farm which has become a hub for visitors from around the world to explore the craft and meet creative people. Have a look at some of their simple yet elegant ceramic pot collection available on their Etsy Shop online. Aura Pottery also offers Long Term Pottery Retreats for beginner level potters.

Clay Botik

This is a Jaipur-based pottery and ceramics studio that creates handcrafted stoneware pottery, glazed at high temperature. Ceramic pots bought from them will instantly brighten up your indoor and outdoor spaces or can be placed in the living room to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Neerja International

Founded in 1978 by Leela Bordia, Neerja has created more than 300 ceramic Blue Pottery products, all unique, original and skillfully handcrafted. Today, they have a huge collection combining elegance and functionality from pots, pen holders, door knobs, oil lamps, lamp-shades to even wash basins!

Hope our list helps you to come across the ‘one’ ceramic pot that you have been looking for all this while! Rest assured that it will make a striking decoration statement wherever you choose to put them in your house.

Does pottery intrigue you? If yes, then grab the opportunity to learn the craft at one of India’s best pottery studio here.

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