Aura Pottery

Studio Rental

Unlimited Studio Time

Step away from the everyday and dive into creativity at Aura Pottery. Located on our picturesque farm, our studio rental provides artists with the space to let their imagination roam free.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a budding potter, our studio offers unbridled creative freedom. No rules, no schedules—just you and your craft. Dive into your craft surrounded by nature’s inspiration, letting the studio be your blank canvas that fuels your creativity.

With unlimited access to our pottery studio and all the materials you need, the possibilities are endless. Experiment, innovate, and let your creativity run wild.

So why wait? Trade the hustle and bustle for the peace and quiet of Aura Pottery. Book your studio rental today and embark on a journey of artistic discovery like never before.

Studio Rental Tariff

2 Week Rental

Shared Room

INR 84,000
USD 1,020

Single Room

INR 98,000
USD 1,190

4 Week Rental

Shared Room

INR 1,59,600
USD 1,960

Single Room

INR 1,86,000
USD 2,250

8 Week Rental

Shared Room

INR 3,02,400
USD 3,660

Single Room

INR 3,52,800
USD 4,260

12 Week Rental

Shared Room

INR 4,28,400
USD 5,200

Single Room

INR 4,99,800
USD 6,000

Your Stay

Pottery Retreat residents stay at the Potters Villa during their time here. The villa is a small building towards the far end of the property; it faces the orchard and is a two-minute walk from the studio. The villa is a cozy space with all rooms opening onto a central lounge where residents get together for meals, music and socializing with other residents, making the retreat a fulfilling experience.

The farm is home to great architecture, lawns and a myriad shades of green, making it inspirational for people with diverse interests.

Your Room

Each room is tastefully furnished and equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a restful and relaxing stay. Sink into the plush beds after a long day of pottery, and refresh yourself in the privacy of your en-suite bathroom, complete with all the essentials to make you feel at home.

Your Meals

We believe in the power of food to nourish both body and soul, which is why we take pride in serving delicious vegetarian & non vegetarian meals made with farm grown/locally sourced produce.

Your Surroundings

Sprawled over 3 acres, Aura offers beautiful outdoor spaces for you to enjoy. Grab a book & a beverage and find yourself by our infinity pool. After a busy day in the studio, take a dip in the pool and relax. A walking path around the entire periphery of the property takes you through our fruit orchard, organic kitchen garden, ponds, potters villa and the meditation circle. You could also find a great spot for a picnic & catch some hammock time.

Getting here

Aura Pottery is located near New Chandigarh, on the Siswan-Kurali Highway, about 19 km from Chandigarh City Center in Sector 17. Find us listed as “Aura Pottery” on Google maps.


  • From Chandigarh International Airport: 45 to 60 minutes by taxi
  • From the Railway Station: 45 minutes by taxi
  • From the Sector 17 Bus Station: 30 minutes by taxi