Aura Pottery



The studio is a roughly 1000 sq. ft. space, dedicated to the art of ceramics. Equipped with pottery wheels, a slab roller and other tools of the craft, the studio is evolving at a continuous pace to serve as a perfect learning spot with pottery as the central theme.

Take a Peek - Inside

The inside of the studio is segmented into throwing areas, hand-building spaces, and drying, finishing, and storage areas. It is a modern, well-equipped space with access to all necessary tools. The studio interiors are bright and well lit. Students are welcome to play their own music and work at their own pace.

Take a Peek -Outside​

Glazing activity is carried out in the open. All sides of the studio building open onto various courtyards that have other facilities.

There is a gas run kiln as you enter the studio. Workshops are held in the main front courtyard. A washing station is located behind the studio for all cleaning and washing activities as you wind up your day of pottery-making. A spray booth is also located on the outside for spraying glazes on pots. The studio faces a large open lawn, where one can lounge, relax and play with the resident pets.