Aura Pottery

Our Story

Our Story

Aura Pottery is located near the city of Chandigarh in India.

Aura was designed and built in 2009 by Atul and Anuja, a couple with a creative background who envisioned this aesthetically pleasing home for themselves and their daughters, Ada and Anya. Built with pure love and soul, every part of Aura has a story to tell. The family’s collaborative spirit and love for meeting new people has turned the property into a hub for friends and artists who come here to relax and explore their own creative side in a beautiful and natural environment.

Anuja (a.k.a Andy) was first introduced to pottery in 2015. It inspired her to pursue her dream of having a clay studio that would someday be buzzing with people who love to learn and practice pottery. As a largely self-taught potter, Anuja, with her family’s support, was able to bring the vision of Aura Pottery to life in just three years. What started with a lone potter’s wheel and a bag of clay, evolved into a lively studio that offers pottery courses in India along with an opportunity for artists to discover, learn and express themselves.

Aura Pottery is now a renowned ceramic brand in India which brings you the entire range of modern home decor collection that include exclusive designs, high-quality products, and timeless style inspired by traditional techniques. Anuja, alongside her team creates handmade pottery in her studio in India.

Atul took three years off from work to build the Aura residence. A lover of science and a passionate researcher and sculptor, Atul had practical and grounded solutions for most problems and became the “go to guy” for pretty much all problems. Aura was engineered to perfection under his mindful supervision and calm demeanor. Sadly, we lost him in Feb 2019, but his playful spirit and generosity still inhabit Aura.

Aura houses the family residence, the Aura192 office (a web design studio), the pottery studio, an organic kitchen garden, a fruit orchard, and a Potters Villa for resident guests who come to India for an artist retreat to explore pottery. Aura Pottery offers potters, both beginners and advanced, a relaxed pottery holiday in India. It works best for people who want an experience where pottery and self discovery are the central theme.





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Ridhi Mittal

Studio Manager


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Aura is run by a small happy team that is skilled at working and interacting with people from all over the globe. Anuja, the resident potter, and the studio co-ordinator are the organizers of all retreats, workshops, and classes. The team at our pottery school ensures that your time is well spent at the studio, you benefit from the activities organized, your stay is comfortable, and you enjoy healthy, organic meals that complete the experience!

Aura has four resident pets, namely Fifi, Bosch, Bono and Ella. They love our visitors and truly appear to believe they have come to meet and play with them. Fifi wants endless petting, Bosch has more energy than can be dealt with easily, and Bono is the shiniest doberdor. Ella, the youngest one, is yet to figure how cute she is! It’s an absolute joy to have these pets as a part of our Aura family.