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10 Inspiring Instagram Potters to Follow

Who doesn’t like a daily dose of inspiration in their Instagram newsfeed to get their creative juices flowing? We’ve compiled a list of truly inspiring ceramists and potters whose work varies from contemporary, and traditional to groundbreaking!

Their Instagram pages give you a glance at their beautiful pottery work which they capture in a manner that demands your attention. We promise you’ll love waking up to your newsfeed after you follow this bunch:

  1.   Eric Landon

Eric Landon the co-founder of Tortus Copenhagen, started wheel-thrown pottery at the age of 16, which has now evolved into a way of life for him. Eric has been awarded a number of grants, international exhibition selections, and other distinctions for the quality of his work. His goal is to create vessels of timeless beauty and quality. It shows a modern adaptation of traditional methods which results in works with a touch of simplicity and minimalism.

We love his feed for its clean look with mostly neutral colors and pops of green here and there, he also has quick video demonstrations of his pottery which are always a treat to watch.

  1.   Deborah Schwartzkopf

Born and based in Seattle, Deborah is an instructor at Rat City Studios. After traveling around the world to attend residencies and teach pottery, Deb set up her own studio to create a functional space to make pots in. She teaches classes and workshops at her studio and always keeps the wheels turning!

We love her feed because she’s always sharing tips and tricks on different pottery techniques along with stunning pictures of her work and the on-goings of her studio.

  1.   Gustavo Villalobos

A Miami-based artist whose work shows elegance and speaks volumes about his artistry through the videos on his Instagram profile, his Instagram feed is definitely worth a view. His creations are displayed in his studio which is also available for buying on Etsy.

We love his feed because it’s full of video of huge pots that he’s making in his studio. We particularly like the ones with really tiny opening at the end of huge pots.

  1.   Andrea Roman

Andrea is based out of London and her work seeks to represent the rocks, soil, sand, and mud in every piece she makes. Her style is very utilitarian and her work is on sale on her website and selected shops around Europe. So if you want works of pottery you can use every day, then hers is the way to go.

We love her feed for its minimalistic look. Her feed shows her mastery of ceramic and how simple and clean she likes to keep it so as to enhance its beauty and quality.

  1. Katie Cotson

Katie Cotson has a pottery shop and studio based in Oxford, England. Her studio is in the basement of her shop and her works are also up for sale on etsy. Her style is sweet and quaint and make for perfect gifts.

We love her feed because it’s visually stunning! She showcases her work in bulk and the sheer volume of it is amazing to see, and every now and then her cat pops up who is just adorab

  1.   Florian Gadsby

Florian Gadsby is a potter at Maze Hill Pottery where we also did an apprenticeship under Lisa Hammond. When he’s not working at Maze Hill, he spends time creating his own style of pottery. His work is thoroughly documented on Instagram and it’s such a pleasure to scroll through his feed.

We love his feed because it covers the before and after looks of a lot of his productions along with giving an inside look at what producing potter in bulk looks like.

  1.   Kris Neal

Kris is a potter and owner of Fire & Earth Fine Pottery Charleston S.C. He not only puts up his excellent work on his page but also teaches pottery. He believes in a hands-on way of working having built his own kiln and making his own glazes.

We love his feed because of the colorful pottery that he shares and the videos that showcase different techniques. Every piece of his work is unique and that’s really something incredible.

  1.   Jessica Joslin

Based out of Stepney City Farm, Pottery has been a part of Jessica’s life since she was a child.  She always seems to be working on interesting projects which she showcases on her feed all the time.

We love her feed because it is truly inspiring! Her choice of glazes is so colorful and we particularly love the teal blue ones. Follow her to see tableware done right.

  1. Lydia Nicholson

Lydia’s work as a part-time potter is worth a mention here because of her modern farmhouse style of beautiful and functional pots. Her work is simple and the neutral feel of her feed appeals to our minimalistic side.

We love her feed because it seems so effortless. Her compositions are simple and clean and her pottery has a soft look that would fit perfectly in any home.

  1.  Matt Horne

You know we love someone’s work if we can’t help but feature them again and again. Matt was part of our top YouTube potters as well, so it’s no surprise that we love his Instagram feed too. His style of work is utterly unique and groundbreaking.

We love his feed because of his crystalline glazing and thin-necked pots.

That’s a wrap on our list of inspiring Instagram potters to follow. We hope their feed inspires you to experiment with pottery. We’d love to know some of your favorites too, so make sure you comment below and tell us all about them!

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