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7 Pottery Spots in India That You Must Visit

Pottery in India is a wonderful fusion of concepts, designs, and execution. The Indian hands are experts in molding clay to form various kinds of things of utility, toys, deities of worship and sculptures since the ancient era. There are many spots in India that are famous for their extraordinary pottery products.

 If you’re traveling through India and if pottery is something that interests you, do check out some of these spots:-

Andretta Pottery Studio and Craft Society, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

They say it is the most beautiful and fascinating pottery studio to land up in. The founder, Late Sardar Gurucharan Singh, with his passion and love for pottery, started Andretta Studio. Now it is run by his son, Mansimran Singh along with his wife where they offer a three-month introductory course. A visit to this art haven could end up being a wonderful experience. There is nothing but the beautiful creations placed in the studio that catches your attention, surrounded by the hills and trees as it is situated in a valley. The skillful and smooth creations of the artists displayed in the studio cannot be missed out on.

Mandala Pottery, Dana, Auroville, Tamil Nadu

This studio is in Tamil Nadu and most of their production is high-fired in a wood and/or gas kiln where it goes up to 1300 degrees centigrade. The place has clay and mud splattered here and there, which gives it much of its charm. One of the most useful things about their products is that they are food -safe and lead-safe. One visit to a place like this gives you a lifetime experience.

Aura Pottery, Chandigarh

Aura Pottery is a one of a kind pottery farm in India. It offers an intensive learning experience to budding potters, along with regular pottery retreats and other pottery classes for those looking for a wholesome pottery experience. Long stay pottery retreats at Aura are structured getaways for individuals who are at the beginner level or intermediate potters. A long stay would range typically from 2 weeks (min) to 12 weeks (max). Nestled in the lush green fields of Punjab (near Chandigarh), Aura Pottery has a modern, contemporary and a well-equipped pottery studio, yet warm and comfortable for a long stay program. 

Clay Botik, Jaipur, Rajasthan

The studio is situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan where they produce their finest masterpieces. Their aim is to live with their creations and not just acquire them. Their work makes one look beyond the utilitarian purpose and makes them appreciate the beauty. They have varieties of workshops for art lovers and offer long duration and rejuvenating courses in hand/wheel pottery. Their work is displayed in their studio and you can place an order as per your requirements.

Clay Station, Bangalore

A Bangalore-based studio, Clay Station, is for creative and experienced potters. They help you bring out the best of your ideas by providing the material and space. If you have the talent, skills, and ideas, you are all set to go. There are activities which are fun and teach you theoretical application. All age groups are free to join and gain an open-knowledge along with experiencing creative activities.

Rahulclay Studio

If you are looking for a long term hobby and to develop new skills, you can learn the art of using clay and make something out of it. Rahul Kumar’s studio, Rahulclay studio placed in Gurgaon is the right place to learn the basics of throwing skills. You will acknowledge the passion and love for art and pottery that is reflected by Rahul in his work. Also, his student’s contributions show quite vividly in his studio. The kind of art practiced there makes you fall in love with it.

Golden Bridge Pottery

A superb pottery spot in Pondicherry is Golden Bridge Pottery. The visit gives you a ‘magic moment’. It is managed by Deborah Smith along with Ray Meeker. They have a seven -month course that aims to make a professional potter out of anyone who joins, it’s great for those looking to make pottery a career. The clay work here is considered something more than just a hobby. Clay begs for intimacy and has a meditative quali in its process. This pottery spot is humble yet so beautiful.

If you are interested and willing to learn new skills or improve your existing skills in pottery, you can visit these spots to do a course or find inspiration! As a traveler or an enthusiast, you can pay a visit and also take up the courses offered in the above-mentioned pottery places. If there are any other places that you feel should be visited, please let us know in the comment section below, we’re always looking for new and off beat places to do pottery in.

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