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10 Unique Pottery Coffee Mugs

Whether you are a Black Coffee aficionado or prefer Cappuccino to a mug of Latte, this one is for you! We want to make your early morning fix a daily experience. Try one of these hand-built mugs made by the potters, who are perhaps equally crazy about their coffee!

Built with love and various interesting techniques such as glazing, sgraffito, etc., these hand-made mugs add to the overall experience of coffee drinking.

Here’s a list of 10 best unique pottery coffee mugs to match your taste, style and preference.

1. Marbled Clay Mug

The working of marbled pottery can be traced back at least as far as the 1st century AD in Rome. The marbled clay mug is incredible to look at and a very easy technique to learn.

Check out this video by Willemite Ceramics on Instagram where he is carving through Red Porcelain slip into a marbled clay mug!

2. Mountain Mug

The mountain mug is smooth to the touch and very light. The carved mountain landscape is sure to instantly grab your attention. Check this handmade ceramic Mountain mug by Alanna June Studio, made with stoneware clay and high fire, nontoxic glazes.

3. Morel Mushroom Mug

Add some artistic style to your hot beverages with Morel Mushroom Mug, handcrafted to perfection. For a better idea, check out this Morel Mushroom Mug by Sophos Ceramics.

4. Bramble Mugs

This coffee mug comes with sophisticated printed bramble design that would give you a feel of living in a country cottage. Check this beautiful Bramble mug by Little Sister Pottery …which is sheer elegance!

5. Lace Mugs

The porcelain lace mug gives an aesthetic feel. The lace pattern is embedded with a roller in stoneware clay when soft. For a better idea, have a look at the Lace Mug by Aura Pottery.

6. Henna Mugs

The henna-inspired porcelain mug is one of a kind that is uniquely hand painted. Check this gorgeous Henna Mug by Paula Focazio Art & Design embellished with an intricate design, the one that truly stands out!

7. Lichen Mugs

Feel closer to nature with lichen mugs. They capture the essence of lichen so well as if it is growing on the mug. Have a look at the lichen coffee mug by Seedling Clayworks.

8. Slab Mugs

This mug’s slab construction allows for clay to be imprinted with hand-carved stamp as if it were print fabric… and it is dishwasher safe too! Here’s a slab mug by LizzieTee Pottery.

9. Wiggle Wire Coffee Mugs

The mug is made using wiggle wires that create unique ribbed patterns all over. Check the wiggle wire coffee mug by Steve Ritzi.

10. Rect Mugs

Made of stoneware, the Rect Mugs are given a simple speckled glaze treatment with a tapered base that allows for convenient stacking. Here is one by Supply Unica.

So, just go ahead and enjoy your morning cuppa in these cool, unique pottery coffee mugs to get your day really started right.

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