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Aura Pottery India – March Newsletter 2023

February was an exciting month at Aura. We soaked every last bit of winter sun and happily welcomed spring. Slowly and steadily we sprung out of cold, windy days into days filled with sunshine, blooming gardens, and a sense of renewal!

We celebrated Valentine’s day at Aura

To celebrate the month of love, we decided to organize a week long schedule for couples to come and experience pottery with us. We kept our single girls in mind too and invited them to bring along their best gal-pals and enjoy this day of love!

To say the least, this workshop was a huge hit amongst the people of Tricity. People came with their partners, parents, and friends to make pottery, sip wine, and munch on an organic platter.

Here is the schedule for our upcoming workshops.

Rachel and her adventures

Rachel joined us for a 15 days retreat in February. From learning to pronounce Indian names to making a breakthrough in her pottery journey, she did it all. She experimented extensively in hand building and tried patterns/ motifs popular in India. We are glad that we could give her a well-rounded experience at Aura. You too can plan your next creative holiday with us!

Gift your parents a weekend getaway

Avni gifted her parents a weekend full of pottery, relaxation, and fun with like-minded people. Kanchan and Sandeep had a great time experimenting with clay and made little souvenirs to take back with them. They spent their evenings walking around the farm/ sipping tea on the hammocks.

Gift this enriching experience to your parents and give them a chance to recharge their souls in a farm setting. Book their retreat here.

Andy’s signature Raw collection

A few years ago, Andy started experimenting with adding bisque grog to clay in order to recycle the cracked bisque ware. After years of trial and error, she creates the most exquisite raw-carved ceramic pieces where you can see the grog peaking from the design and making the whole piece more coherent than ever. Though carving on this clay body messes with her shoulder, you’ll still see her in the studio soldering away and carving these lovely pieces.

Find more handmade ceramic pieces here.

Thanks for reading and do share this newsletter with family and friends who may be interested. Drop us a line at for any details or clarifications.

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