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Aura Pottery January 2020 Newsletter

Happy New Year from your friends at Aura Pottery. We wish you the warmth of creativity this year!

2019 was an amazing year but we are already dreaming up big ideas for the next year. Here are some of our favorites from 2019.

Katrine Tan’s experience at Aura

Katrine joined us from Singapore and made the most of our studio for the 2 weeks she visited us. With little experience working in clay, she left us in awe with her beautifully intricate pottery designs. Take a look at her journey with us here

Bring artists together in a room and see what happens!

Art is powerful. It brings people together to learn, observe, imagine and discuss ideas that matter. We are thankful to have hosted such talented artists from all over the world, who make an impact to our studio in their own unique way. Take a look at the studio in its meditative state!

Kong and wifey

Farm life alert!

We found Kong a wifey. Our rooster King Kong was alone for a while, but we finally got him a mate from a nearby farm who keeps him company.These two make a happy couple, usually found all fluffed up roaming and nibbling the kitchen garden at Aura. The persistent cock-a-doodle-doo’s have stopped, which means life is pretty good for Kong.

Kintsugi art

We recently played with a method of Japanese art called Kintsugi. This is a technique of repairing cracked or broken pieces of pottery with a precious metal – usually liquid gold. We mixed gold pigment with resin to fill the cracks and enhance the imperfections of our pottery. Our no-waste mission inspires us to transform what is broken into precious, unique, and fully functional pottery pieces.

The process was time extensive, but very rewarding in the end. Take a look at our final pieces.

Fig Leaf Tray Workshop

Join us for a fun weekend workshop, where we teach you step by step, on how to make your own ceramic tray using the real leaves from the fig tree that is growing in our studio garden.

Pottery Retreat 2020

Think pottery, when you make your 2020 travel plans! Take a learning vacation this year and indulge in the art of pottery making. Our pottery retreat program is suitable for beginners as well as advanced potters.

Bookings for 2020 are now open. Find all the pottery retreat details here. Book your spot with us today!

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