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Aura Pottery March 2020 Newsletter

A lot of hands-on studio sessions are going on since we are buzzing with people joining us from different parts of the world. Check out our studio happenings in the month of February.

Namgay’s Pottery Retreat

Taking a vacation can mean many things, but for Namgay it was a retreat visit to us for pottery! She visited us from Bhutan to further improve her practice in ceramics and explored hand building shapes during her time here. Take a look at the products she ended up making in a span of four weeks!

Claudia’s Pottery Retreat

A beginner at pottery, Claudia had joined us for two weeks of pottery retreat from Australia. After completing a yoga course in Rishikesh, she travelled down to us to get started in ceramics, spent some peaceful time ideating shapes, practicing on the wheel, and using hand building techniques to build various forms.

Our pottery retreats are best suited for both beginner and intermediate potters. Whether you are getting started in ceramics or want some time alone for a peaceful practice, our studio offers a perfect getaway for your learning holiday.

Prince, our Studio Assistant

Meet Prince- our studio assistant. It’ll be right to say that he’s the most vital person in our studio team. A quick learner, a production artist and the reason for our studio’s efficiency. He’s more than a helping hand to the studio and we can’t thank him enough for it.

We planted TREES!

Planting trees is not only necessary but the urgent need of the hour. We had a fun filled day planting over 150 trees around the property and beyond. It’s important to give back to the earth what we are extensively taking away from it. Plant a tree today!

Weekend Workshops

Explore the art of pottery through our weekend pottery workshops. Work alongside other artists and learn a variety of techniques that prioritize idea sharing and exploration in clay. Check out our workshop calendar here.

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