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Aura Pottery India – Aug Newsletter 2022

Clear blue skies are a balm to the eyes and soothing to the soul. The myriad hues of blue along with the green gardens enhance the overall beauty of our already charming Aura!

Monsoon wasn’t gloomy this July, it sprung creativity and enthusiasm among the studio potters and the pottery retreat guests. Our original bean shaped pond with it’s cute little island got topped up pretty quickly and is brimming with life.

Aura Pottery Retreats have begun!

Our retreats calendar for the rest of 2022 is up! We offer weekend retreats for short getaways, and then the longer duration ones ranging from 2 weeks to 8 weeks. Here is our schedule for the rest of the year:

Weekend Retreats

Weekend retreats are designed for those who would like to get away for a fun creative weekend and give pottery a shot over two days in the studio. You will learn some basics of handling the material, do some hand building and maybe give the wheel a shot as well while you’re at it. The weekend retreat is ideal for couples or friends, seeking a respite from their busy lives. 

Schedule for August

  • August 13-14 (5 spots)
  • August  20-21 (5 spots)

Book your weekend retreat here:

Two Week Retreats

Our two week retreat is ideal to get introduced to all three techniques of hand building and build a project using each technique. You will get a week to practice on the pottery wheel and understand the basics thoroughly.

Schedule for 2022

  • August 12 to 25 (4 spots)
  • September 15 to 28 (6 spots)
  • October 01 to 14 (6 spots)
  • November 15 to 28 (6 spots)
  • December 01 to 14 (6 spots)

Book your two week retreat here:

Inside the studio…

Meanwhile, here’s all that’s been happening in the studio this month.

July has been a busy month in the studio. From large pieces to miniatures, everyone in the studio has been busy enjoying the monsoon and doing their own thing. From Andy working on large pieces and experimenting with stamps and iron oxide washes, Nick working on sculptural pieces, Tavleen developing her range of miniatures, and Prince producing some 100 odd lights for the Aura walkway, we’ve seen a variety of work coming out of the studio this month.

July firings…

Our firing results have been interesting to observe this month, with a variety of work done by studio inhabitants. Check these out…

Pottery Workshops

Build yourself a beautiful ceramic piece in under two hours!

We conduct handbuilding workshops every Wednesday and Saturday for complete beginners. Participants are introduced to the artform and the technique they have signed up for and subsequently, under the guidance of our instructor, they make their own ceramic piece, which is then fired and glazed in the studio. We promise you a fun session of pottery making and a tour of our gallery! 

Here is the schedule for our upcoming workshops.

Shop our Hemp collection

The collection is minimal in design and has our signature leaf imprint on the surface. This plant grows wild all around Aura during the summer, so we stock up on this range and create an inventory. View the collection here.

Find more handmade ceramic pieces here.

Thanks for reading and do share this newsletter with family and friends who may be interested. Drop us a line at for any details or clarifications.

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