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Aura Pottery India – July Newsletter 2022

Aura is absolutely lush and verdant this time of the year – foliage glistening with the songs of the monsoon rain. After the terrible, scorching heat of the month of June, the light showers have helped infuse life back into every leaf at the farm. If you think monsoons are best enjoyed watching the rain drops fall, along with a hot cup of tea, we have news for you. We’ve opened our Potter’s Villa once again, all revamped, for pottery retreats and have been busy with clay enthusiasts who are pouring in for an ‘artcation’ at Aura.

And, what if you choose to pay us a visit as well? You could end up grabbing some unforgettable postcard frames, along with a memorable rendezvous with clay.

Potter’s villa

boutique stay in the lap of a lush green orchard!

Our Potter’s Villa is located in a quaint, little farming village near Chandigarh. It is a perfect spot for artists to unleash their creativity and get one with clay. The villa is surrounded by lush green orchards and vegetable gardens that produce organic fruits and vegetables for the meals you get during your stay. They are farm to table meals in the real sense.

The Villa is fully air conditioned and can host up to 10 residents. All rooms open into the personal porches or the central lounge, where residents get together for meals, music and warm, fuzzy conversations.

Pottery Guests

Clay enthusiasts who joined us from all around the world to experience clay and our newly renovated villa!

As soon as we threw our registrations open and were ready to host resident potters, we were flooded with inquiries and bookings. In the first week, we hosted people from four different countries!

It is amazing to witness how everyone who comes to the studio to learn, has different expectations and hopes for themselves. The more interesting bit however, is how they all create absolutely beautiful and unique pieces within the limited number of days they are with us.

Take a look at the pottery retreat options and pricing here.

Pottery Workshops

Come by for a two hour pottery workshop if you’re a local resident, make a ceramic piece and take it home if you love it!

Aura pottery brings you a perfect opportunity to rekindle your relationships with friends and family with our pottery workshops. We conduct two-hour long handbuilding workshops every Wednesday and Saturday. In just a matter of two hours, you are able to create a piece for yourself to cherish forever. Subsequently, your piece is fired and glazed by our team over the next 3-4 weeks.

Here is the schedule for our upcoming workshops: Book Now!

Three Hours – Introduction to Wheel

Dig your hands in clay and spin that potter’s wheel!

Whoever thought moulding a lump of clay and creating beauty from it could be manna for the soul? Apparently, our ancestors did! Pottery is an age-old practice, with some great healing properties. We have designed a three hour long ‘Introduction to the Wheel’ session for those who would like to try their hand at wheel throwing while cashing in a therapeutic experience. The session provides one-on-one instruction on the basics of throwing on the wheel, full demonstration and guidance during your time here. These sessions make for a great birthday/anniversary present or simply, a great experience.

Book your slot with us here!

Raw Carved Planters

This is a set of four different sized planters, designed with a small hole for drainage. They are hand carved with a wavy line pattern on the surface and left unglazed to show the raw texture of clay. Designed to stand on their cute three legs, they are ideal to keep indoors or outdoors.

Find more home decor pieces at Aura Shop.

Thanks for reading and do share this newsletter with family and friends who may be interested. Drop us a line at for any details or clarifications.

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