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Aura Pottery India – January Newsletter 2023

It’s been a fulfilling year, to say the least! We cherished being a place of craft & creativity, all the while spreading love through the medium of clay. We started 2022 with dreams for Aura Pottery and what an adventurous year it ended up being! 

From reopening the Potters Villa, to hosting visitors from all over the globe, to having a super successful Ceramic Showcase in October… it’s been a great year, and our hearts are full of gratitude!

We thank you for your purchases, encouragement and appreciation and look forward to hosting you at Aura this year!

We wish you an exciting, creative and wonderful 2023!

Time to Plan a Retreat?

With a new year stretching ahead of us and Covid being largely a thing of the past, perhaps it’s time to venture out again, free of inhibitions and restrictions. Our Pottery Retreats are designed for the artist in you, and are perfect for your ‘New Year, New Skill’ resolution. The retreats are suited to every level of skill, interest and inclination. 

We host visitors from all around the world, and it’s the quiet, relaxing farm setting that they enjoy the most other than studio time, of course. A conscious break from routine can be a perfect way to hone the creative bone in you!

Read up on our retreats here, and mail us at to plan your visit to us this year!

Get Inspired and Learn!

Our focus is on helping our guests develop technical skills and, more importantly, get acquainted  with their own individual creativity and style. We believe in enabling each potter to proceed at their own pace and in directions that interest and inspire them, helping them explore new ideas and methods. 

The small size of the groups – up to six people –allows for the sessions to be individually tailored to personal interests and pace. We encourage personal experimentation, while also developing and refining a broad range of techniques. 

New Year, New Skill

Start your year by learning something new. Aura has a whole new range of one day workshops for which local residents can come and experience pottery. Everyone is welcome so don’t be shy about trying out something new. Check out our daily workshops here.

Experience Luxury

As always, we can’t resist talking about our hand-crafted dinnerware. With 8 different designs, each set has dinner & quarter plates and noodle and dessert bowls, 6 of each. We believe you don’t have to compromise on beauty when looking for functionality, and our dinnerware is light and breezy, easy to maintain and dishwasher and microwave friendly. These are made to order and we need a clear 6-8 weeks before your set can be ready, so take a look at the online store to see which one is your personal favorite.

Thanks for reading and do share this newsletter with family and friends who may be interested. Drop us a line at for any details or clarifications.

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