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Aura Pottery India – November Newsletter 2022

October was a glorious month at Aura Pottery, for we curated one of our most exquisite exhibits all so far, at Aura Farm and received an overwhelming response from our guests. It filled our hearts with warmth and renewed vigor to receive the kind of appreciation we did. Any artist will let you in on what it means to receive a few words of genuine recognition for their craft. It was truly gratifying to say the least. 

This is the lovely bunch of ladies (team) that made it happen – the Aura Power Girls!

Glimpses of the show

The dripping joy, sheer excitement, pride and awe in everyone’s eyes was simply endearing.

Featured pieces

We set up our in-house artist’s residence as the gallery for the showcase. Come, take a peek at what the artistic wonderland looked like. Every nook was dressed up with beautiful, hand crafted ceramic pieces that the artists had worked on so passionately over the summer. 


Within the world of ceramics, Andy has worked primarily in stoneware, exploring techniques and creating experimental forms, the possibilities of which have driven her creative journey. In this showcase, she had created signature pieces that appear simple, yet are technically complex. If you missed viewing the Aura Showcase, you’re welcome to set up a time with us to see our gallery or receive a catalog of the pieces that are still available.

Pottery Retreats

Exciting opportunity for pottery enthusiasts, filled with clay and surprises peeping from every green corner of the farm…

Residential pottery retreats at Aura are structured getaways for individuals who are at the beginner or intermediate level of ceramics.The retreats include studio and material use, instruction, accommodation and nutritious plant based meals.

If you’re contemplating any travel plans for the coming year, do check out the retreats at Aura, where you can come in for anything between 2 to 12 weeks, and experience a relaxed pottery learning program while you meet new people and foster new friendships. Bookings for the retreats are now open, take a look at the program details here.

Pottery Workshop

Come by for a two hour pottery workshop if you’re a local resident, make a ceramic piece and take it home if you love it…

It’s rather interesting to meet new people for the pottery workshops over weekends, instruct them on how to get started with clay and help them create a piece to take back home with them. Typically during our weekend workshops, clay enthusiasts are introduced to the basics of clay handling, moulding and building. They leave their pieces behind, to be glazed at the studio and return to collect them in a few weeks’ time.

The next piece coming out of our kiln could be yours! Register soon!

Thanks for reading and do share this newsletter with family and friends who may be interested. Drop us a line at for any details or clarifications.

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