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Aura Pottery India – March Newsletter 2021

The studio at Aura Pottery (India) has been buzzing with students for classes and workshops. Spring is in the air and in such beautiful weather, it’s lovely to work with your hands and create beautiful pottery. 

Our workshops each Saturday are a big hit, and it’s a joy to work with people of all ages for those two hours when everyone is learning and creating. All workshop pieces are left in the studio for drying and glazing, after which the participants pick them up to use in their own homes.

Here is the workshop schedule for March:

Sat Mar 06 | Overlap Slab Mugs (full)

Sat Mar 13 | Ceramic Coiled Pot

Sat Mar 20 | Ceramic Leaf Dishes

Sat Mar 27 | Pinch & Coil Pot

Our workshop schedule up till April is listed on our website at

Shop Update: 

We’re excited to present our new collection of Carved pasta Bowls in pastel blues. Each bowl has been painstakingly carved to reveal designs of flowers, trees and other forms inspired by nature. 

View the entire collection here:

Pottery Classes: 

Pottery classes are 24 sessions of Learners month and another 24 sessions of the Makers month. We have 4 spots open for this month. 

Check out details here:

Pottery Retreats:

The Potters Villa at Aura is being transformed and we’ll be opening the retreats from August 2021. Bookings for retreats are now open, starting August 2021. Take a look at the retreat program here:

Drop us a line at for any details or clarifications. 

Thanks for reading and do spread the love!

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