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Aura Pottery India – November Newsletter 2021

October was a glorious month at Aura Pottery, for we curated one of our most exquisite exhibits so far, in Chandigarh, India and received an overwhelming response from its residents. Pandemic fatigue apart, real human interaction with our patrons was what we had missed the most until October. It filled our hearts with warmth and renewed vigour to receive the kind of appreciation we did. Any artist will tell you the value of a few words of genuine recognition for their craft.

The exhibit was showcased at The Alchemy, an eclectic Art Gallery promoted by a prominent painter. Curating the exhibition was a most pleasurable affair for all at Aura Pottery. Anuja, the creative head,Tavleen and Prince, the studio coordinators worked together and independently for months to string together what they envisaged at the beginning of March 2021. Along the way they experimented with different techniques, glazes & forms and come October, we had an entire range of LampsVasesPlantersDecorative PlattersCeramic JewelryPottery Miniatures and what have you.




The piece de resistance of the showcase was, by any measure of adulation, the series of tall Floor Lamps – each individual piece of ceramic hand crafted to size, to all eventually, magically assemble along one common spine and glow bright in a cozy corner, setting the mood for a mellow evening.

The Countrysiders Fair

In the last week of October we took most of our ceramic functional ware and miniatures to a country fair and our kiosk was a runaway success! It was a few days before Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, during which people light a lot of candles, earthen lamps and exchange gifts. Our collection fit perfectly with the time of the year when we’re all looking for thoughtful and functional gifts to give to family and friends.


We are so excited to share with you the new additions to our Home Decor Collection. Here are some of the stunning pieces to the newly added collection:


Working around the organic shapes of this series has been a slow but delightful experience. The difficult part of constructing the structures was feeling the clay and organically moulding it, yet trying to make it the most unique art piece.

We have a collection of big pots and vases meant for your spaces. Most of these vases are over 20″ high and make for great décor pieces.

View the entire collection here:


Showcase your favorite books with these unique and modern bookends. These sculptural bookends will complement any home or office decór. Embellished using the Kintsugi technique with gold leaf, each piece is handmade and one of a kind.

View the entire collection here:


Aura Pottery sits amidst the sprawling family home ‘Aura Farm’ and is a preferred getaway for a lot of our friends and family. They take a load off whilst also enjoying the Pottery Workshops offered on all Saturdays of the month. Here you see our family guests building the Fig Leaf Tray. Nothing better than having a little chit-chat and giggles around the studio. Hope to see them again soon!


It’s so interesting to meet new people over weekends, instruct them on how to get started with clay and help them create a piece to take back home with them. Typically during our weekend workshops, clay enthusiasts are introduced to the basics of clay handling, moulding and building. They leave their pieces behind, to be glazed at the studio and return to collect them in a few weeks’ time.

Here is the workshop schedule for November and December, go ahead and book yourself a spot:

Sat Nov 20 | Ceramic Bud Vase
Sat Nov 27 | Ceramic Planter
Sat Dec 04 | Ceramic Coiled Pot
Sat Dec 11 | Ceramic Tumbler
Sat Dec 18 | Ceramic Leaf Dishes
Sat Dec 25 | Ceramic Jewelry Dish

Our workshop schedule up till December 2021 is listed on our website at


With the world opening up again and folks looking to travel to newer destinations, we are very excited to announce our Pottery Retreats that promise to offer not just a purpose but farm fresh meals, refreshing dips in the pool and a whole lot more!

So, if you’re making any travel plans for the coming year, do check out the retreats at Aura, where you can come in for anything between 2 to 12 weeks,  and experience a relaxed pottery learning program while you meet new people. Bookings for the retreats are now open, take a look at the program details here:


Pottery Classes at Aura Pottery are best suited to local residents who are at the beginner or intermediate level.You can spend 4 weeks learning pottery basics (Learners’ Month) and another 4 weeks making pottery that you can take back with you (Makers’ Month).

Our classes include hand-building methods, as well as wheel throwing. The ideal program length to give you a good grounding in pottery is 8 weeks. Pottery classes take place Monday to Saturday, each class lasts about 4 hours, but the schedule can be flexible as per your convenience.

Check out details of the Pottery Classes here:

Thanks for reading and do share this newsletter with family and friends who may be interested. Drop us a line at for any details or clarifications.

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