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How Can Creative Retreats Help You Rejuvenate?

Aura Pottery | Newsletter | May 18, 2023
In today’s fast-paced world, it can be challenging to find time for creativity. Between work, family, and other responsibilities, it’s easy to put your creative pursuits on the back burner. However, taking a ...

Aura Pottery India – May Newsletter 2023

Aura Pottery | Newsletter | May 17, 2023
April was a time of appreciation for nature’s generosity, as the farm flourished under bright sunshine and occasional rain showers.The usual scorching heat was replaced by a comfortable warmth that enveloped the su...

Aura Pottery India – April Newsletter 2023

Aura Pottery | Newsletter | April 18, 2023
The rejuvenating aura of spring has certainly permeated the air with a palpable vivacity at Aura. The sun’s radiant beams dance upon the dew-kissed flora, coaxing the sleeping buds to unfurl into a kaleidoscope of...

Aura Pottery India – March Newsletter 2023

Aura Pottery | Newsletter | March 22, 2023
February was an exciting month at Aura. We soaked every last bit of winter sun and happily welcomed spring. Slowly and steadily we sprung out of cold, windy days into days filled with sunshine, blooming gardens, and...

Aura Pottery India – February Newsletter 2023

Aura Pottery | Newsletter | February 13, 2023
January in Northern India is a month of transition, from the frosty chill of winter to a hint of spring’s sweet attraction. The sun rises later, casting a golden hue, as the morning fog lifts, revealing the skies of bl...

Aura Pottery India – January Newsletter 2023

Aura Pottery | Newsletter | January 16, 2023
It’s been a fulfilling year, to say the least! We cherished being a place of craft & creativity, all the while spreading love through the medium of clay. We started 2022 with dreams for Aura Pottery and w...