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Aura Pottery India – February Newsletter 2022

We hope it’s a wonderful year for you filled with good health, joy and creativity!

We are thrilled to get you all up to speed with all that we have been doing in the studio. Winter in North India is a bit harsh and gloomy, nevertheless, amidst limited sun, non stop rains and chilly weather, we were able to do quite a bit in these past few months!

Team Aura

We are now a team of four at Aura Pottery. Ridhi Mittal, who started as a student with us, is now collaborating as an artist. Right now, she is experimenting with every technique, shape and form to figure out what her interests are!

Pottery courses

On popular demand, we have started a one day introduction lesson to the Pottery Wheel! This three hour session is designed for those who would like to try their hand at wheel throwing. The session provides one-on-one instruction on the basics of throwing on the wheel with full demonstration and guidance during your time here. Anyone interested in winding down, taking some time off from their busy lives could come to Aura, breathe and relax while centering themselves with clay on the wheel. These sessions make a great birthday or anniversary present for your loved ones or simply a great experience for you. You can book it for yourself or a friend, online.

New addition: Kick Wheel

We have a new addition in the studio! Ta-da!!

This is manually operated; a Kick wheel. And it’s not wrong to say that a wheel, much like this one, inspired Andy to ‘kick’ start her journey as a potter!

For all those curious to get their hands in clay, we have a half hour Wheel-Taster session. This brief introduction will give you a chance to feel and understand the medium of clay while you have fun spinning it on the pottery wheel.

Pottery Workshops

Every Wednesday and Saturday we focus on making a particular product, from scratch to finish, using different hand building techniques. We build different products in each workshop. It’s a fun and light way to introduce yourself to the medium and enjoy an evening with your friends!

Aura Pottery Online Shop

This New Year, we updated our shop with an amazing collection of dinnerware. Take a look!


Tavleen, our studio manager who makes her own collection, had toyed with a Japanese technique called Nerikomi. It involves stacking colored clay and then slicing through the cross section to reveal a pattern. Nerikomi designs provide a wonderful way to work three dimensionally with patterns and images. The results have been a combination of both careful planning and accidental surprise!

Andy’s experiments!

Embellished with flowy flowers, these magnificent angular pots were fondly conceptualized as a mother-daughter duo by Andy. The mini pot is cut out from the same slab of clay as the mother pot, but as her own personality. Even the play on colours was a conscious attempt to make this duo similar but not identical. Hopefully, this duo is one of many such conceptualized ceramic sculptures! Take a look at’s collection.

Check out details of the Pottery Classes here:

Thanks for reading and do share this newsletter with family and friends who may be interested. Drop us a line at for any details or clarifications.

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