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Aura Pottery India – March Newsletter 2022

Greetings from Aura Pottery!

Aura is blooming right now after the cold and dreary winter. We are surrounded by beautiful trees, budding flowers, and thriving bushes. The studio has been buzzing the whole month with students, collaborators’ experiments, loads of production work and of course with Aura dogs’ antics.

It’s safe to say that spring has sprung at Aura!

Andy and the Floor Lamps had so much fun carving hieroglyphs on her next big project. Some nice music, a hot cup of chai, and she would settle into her studio to carve away for hours on end. A total of 22 such pieces are being carved, which when stacked will turn into a lovely 6’ tall floor lamp. We are super excited to see how it will all come together. It will be nothing less than magic!

Tavleen’s Marble Series

Our studio manager, @tavlonii is an independent artist too, who recently experimented a little and created these avant-garde pieces. Each of these marbled pieces is an assemblage of wheel-thrown shapes. She achieved the gorgeous marble effect by laminating terracotta and stoneware clay in one place before throwing them on the wheel to achieve a fine swirling effect of the blend. The earthy tones of this collection have beautifully come through after a quick coat of clear glaze!

Ridhi’s Organic Vessels

@mittal.ridhi is on a spree with her giant coiled sculptures. The play with curves and the negative space is what makes this series so impactful. Each sculpture is unique with its beautiful irregularities and one-of-a-kind details.

Pottery Retreats and the Potters’ Villa

Renovation for the Potters’ Villa is in full swing, gathering momentum as the days get longer. While it’s been a few weeks since we crafted the handmade ceramic wash bowls for the villa, painting them with stains and underglazes has been the highlight of our month. The bright colors of the fruit orchard here at Aura have been the primary influence for these magnificent and charming sinks! So, if you’re making any travel plans for this year, stop right there and check out the Pottery Retreats we have designed just for you. You can come in for anything between 2 to 12 weeks, and experience a relaxed pottery learning program while you meet new people. Bookings for the retreats are now open.

Guests at Aura

Aura Pottery sits amidst the sprawling family home ‘Aura Farm’ and is a preferred getaway for a lot of our friends and family. They take a load off whilst also enjoying Pottery Workshops. Here you see our family guest, Jiya, having her fair share of fun with clay. Nothing better than having a little chit-chat and giggles around the studio. She will be here with us for a few months, learning and definitely sharing her creativity. Typically during our weekend workshops, clay enthusiasts are introduced to the basics of clay handling, molding and building. They leave their pieces behind, to be glazed at the studio and return to collect them in a few weeks’ time. Now, we conduct our workshops on Wednesdays too for all of you who cannot make it on weekends.

Bring your friends and family along or come by for a solo adventure. Our workshops are focused around pottery for beginners, so no prior experience is required.

Pottery courses

Pottery Courses at Aura Pottery are best suited to local residents who are at the beginner or intermediate level. If you’re looking for pottery courses or clay classes near you, look no further. You can spend a minimum of 2 weeks or upto 12 weeks, learning the basics, hand building as well as wheel throwing techniques.

Thanks for reading and do share this newsletter with family and friends who may be interested. Drop us a line at for any details or clarifications.

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