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Aura Pottery India – May Newsletter 2022

We can’t keep calm because Aura Pottery Retreats are opening in June 2022! 

After nearly two years of the pandemic, multiple lockdowns, renovations and upgrading our gorgeous-gorgeous villa; Aura Pottery is finally all set to host you for an amazing getaway and a clay-ful journey to explore your creativity!

Residential Pottery Retreats

Residential pottery retreats at Aura are structured getaways for individuals who are at the beginner or intermediate level of ceramics. These retreats are for a minimum duration of 2 weeks and a maximum duration of 12 weeks. The program includes studio and material use, instruction, accommodation, and meals.

Things you will learn during your stay:

  1. Wedging and clay preparation
  2. Hand-building techniques like pinching, slab-making and coiling
  3. Making basic pottery shapes
  4. Wheel throwing, centering, pulling
  5. Trimming and finishing on the wheel
  6. Gas kiln bisque firing method
  7. Glaze application on bisque ware
  8. Gas kiln glaze firing

Take a look at the pottery retreat options and pricing here.

Weekend Retreats

Our Weekend Retreats are best suited for people looking for quick getaways from their busy city life. A Retreat at Aura is a perfect way to slow down, listen, learn, explore, and create. Swing by to us over a weekend and enjoy the peace and calm of Aura while learning the art of making pots!

Book your weekend retreat with us here.


In our Saturday workshops, clay enthusiasts are introduced to the basics of clay handling, molding and building. They leave their pieces behind, to be glazed at the studio and return to collect them in a few weeks’ time. We conduct our workshops on Wednesdays too for all of you who cannot make it on weekends.

Bring your friends and family along or come by for a solo adventure. Our workshops are focused around pottery for beginners, so no prior experience is required.

Sign up for a 2 hours workshop with us here.

Aura offers a unique experience, whether you’re a beginner looking to discover a whole new world of clay, an intermediate potter seeking a spacious and calm environment to practice, or a master potter who wants to work on personal projects while sharing knowledge in the lap of nature.

We offer an authentic farm life experience, as you explore all the things clay has to offer. Hoping to see you all soon!

Thanks for reading and do share this newsletter with family and friends who may be interested. Drop us a line at for any details or clarifications.

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