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Aura Pottery India – October Newsletter 2023

As the crisp autumn breeze sweeps through our quaint studio, we’re excited to bring you the latest buzz from Aura. With October upon us, our creative energies are in full swing as we prepare for our upcoming showcase. Our studio has been abuzz with activity, hosting retreat guests who’ve brought an extra layer of inspiration to our daily pottery adventures.

Meet Our Remarkable Resident: Kirti’s Journey

We’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on Kirti, a talented artist who recently completed her three-month residency course at Aura Pottery. Kirti’s journey here was nothing short of incredible. Her pieces are intricate, bearing witness to her dedication and passion for pottery. What truly sets her apart is her exceptional skill in surface decoration. We were awestruck by the meticulous details she added to her creations. Kirti’s presence at our studio was a true delight.

Find more details about our retreats here.

Simon’s Ceramics Adventure at Aura

Simon spent four enriching weeks at Aura. His days were dedicated to experimenting and creating ceramics that pushed the boundaries of his creativity. Simon wisely divided his time between wheel pottery and handbuilding, immersing himself in both disciplines.

Poornima: Our Pottery Instructor 

Poornima, our pottery instructor, has been a great addition to our team. While passionately teaching classes and workshops, she’s also been creating her own pieces. Her latest undertaking involves creating our very own studio clay body. Poornima’s dedication has led to significant improvements in our studio’s practices, especially in how we approach firings. 

Come, say hello and experience a pottery workshop, find our schedule here.

Andy’s Passion Project: Aura Showcase

Andy’s unwavering dedication has resulted in the creation of various ceramic collection for our upcoming Aura Showcase. We can’t wait to unveil her exquisite creations at our showcase.

Stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming showcase and the inspiring journeys of our talented community members. Here are glances of her working in her studio.

You can find some of her collections here.

Bird Sculpture Retreat with Rosa Wiland Holmes

Aura is hosting a luxurious and serene one-week ceramic retreat, where you’ll indulge in a sensory experience. Rosa Wiland Holmes is an artist whose creativity is sparked by the vibrant tapestry of her surroundings. Enthralled by the fauna that graces her region, she meticulously observes and brings the animals and birds to life through her exquisite clay creations. 

Register here.

Thanks for reading and do share this newsletter with family and friends who may be interested. Drop us a line at for any details or clarifications.

Warm regards, 

The Aura Pottery Team

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