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Pottery DIY: Workstation mirror to see how your pot is shaping up.

We, at Aura, love DIY! We eagerly look for chances to make something that is useful, user-friendly, and cheap. We noticed that our resident potters had to keep leaning back away from their pots on the wheel to see how it’s shaping up. The tools were all over the place and the wheel workstation was a huge mess!

While sorting out our studio, we had huge workstations from our office space that weren’t being used and mirrors from god knows where just lying around. So we put those two together to create a kick-ass workstation for our resident potters. We cut down the height of the workstation to the same level as the wheel. Placed a mirror in the middle of the pin-up board, with still some left on either side to hang tools on. Everything that you need while throwing a pot is at an arm’s distance now and we love that! Take a look at what our workstations look like now.

If you want to know more about how to make your workstation, feel free to ask. You can also join us for a pottery retreat, the details of which are here. We organize these holidays that will calm you and let you pursue your passion for pottery, along with many other workshops in other art forms.

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