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10 Inspiring Instagram Potters to Follow

Aura Pottery | Pottery | June 22, 2017
Who doesn’t like a daily dose of inspiration in their Instagram newsfeed to get their creative juices flowing? We’ve compiled a list of truly inspiring ceramists and potters whose work varies from contemporar...

9 Pottery Books you should consider investing in

Aura Pottery | Pottery | June 09, 2017
From beginning to learn pottery to an advanced level potter, every now and then we face a creative block or need a reference to execute an idea in mind. Although advice and solutions on pottery can be found all over the ...

8 YouTube Potters Every Beginner Should Follow

Aura Pottery | Pottery | May 18, 2017
When I started learning pottery, I had no mentor whom I could go to regularly to learn new techniques or get feedback from. Those who are well-versed in the world of ceramics know that learning on your own is not an easy...

Best Places to visit in India before you die!

Aura Pottery | Around Aura, The Art Within | May 06, 2017
Travel unravels the beauty of an unfamiliar world. It is rekindling childlike inquisitiveness that resides deep within our hearts. Our mind is often flooded with the thought that our life is too short to travel around th...

Pottery DIY: Workstation mirror to see how your pot is shaping up.

Aura Pottery | Pottery | April 17, 2017
We, at Aura, love DIY! We eagerly look for chances to make something that is useful, user-friendly, and cheap. We noticed that our resident potters had to keep leaning back away from their pots on the wheel to see how it...