Aura Pottery


Plan A Visit To Aura Pottery

Aura Pottery | Pottery | June 08, 2023
Located in New Chandigarh, Aura Pottery is a hidden gem that offers visitors a unique and immersive experience into the world of pottery. Here are some reasons why you should visit Aura Pottery on your next trip to C...

The Aura Coffee Mug

Aura Pottery | Pottery | July 22, 2022
I’m convinced coffee can fix almost everything. And what better way to have coffee than in your own, hand-crafted, ceramic coffee mug. Life doesn’t get better than that. Let me show you how we make your favor...

How to make the Aura Espresso Mug

Aura Pottery | Pottery | April 08, 2020
After having invested in your favorite coffee, all you need now is a vessel worthy of its achievement. Nothing says morning like a delicious cuppa coffee and these mugs will make your ordinary mornings special. Not your ...

How to make a ceramic Fig Leaf Tray

Aura Pottery | Pottery | April 08, 2020
Get inspired by the beauty that surrounds you and experience the joy of hand building your own ceramic tray.  Use a real leaf to make a stunning platter for your kitchen. We used a Fig Leaf since we have a Fig Tree ...

How to make The Aura Trinket Box

Aura Pottery | Pottery | September 25, 2019
The trinket box is one of the unique production pieces at Aura that allows you to practice a number of skills. It includes throwing, slab work, scoring and cutting and also has plenty of opportunity to add your own touch...

Oh potter, your hands

Aura Pottery | Pottery | July 02, 2019
Oh potter, your hands Oh potter, your hands you knead into my skin like a lover’s caress you write me into shapes like clouds inhabiting rain you nudge my edges like a woman in her forty’s you linger around my curves...